Will international tourism offices remain relevant?

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Will international tourism offices remain relevant?
Your roadmap for the future

Destination marketers must adapt to stay alive. Enormous changes in technology and consumer behaviour threaten the relevance of many destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and their international tourism offices (ITOs). How will your organization evolve to keep pace?

Destination Think! conducted an international survey of over 70 ITOs representing destinations from Aruba to Japan to Sweden. Our strategists then used the data to outline the current state of the ITO. In this white paper, they also offer insights to help ITOs and their head offices identify opportunities and thrive amid change.

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  • Find out how ITOs are spending their time and money, and how your ITO compares,
  • Learn about a path forward that can help your ITO overcome today’s challenges,
  • Read how Visit Victoria’s U.K. office has followed this path to find greater success with its trade partners and campaigns while building valuable destination advocacy, and
  • Improve your ITO’s strategy into 2018 and beyond.


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