Don’t copy, be inspired: How Copenhagen became a green beacon of hope

“There are many routes to the future. There's not just one. Copenhagen is fantastic. It's a miracle. Don't copy. Be inspired.” – Jens Kramer Mikkelsen   How did Copenhagen become one of the world’s greenest cities, and what can today’s changemakers learn from the...

The allyship journey: Gathering settler support for Indigenous-led tourism

“Right now, the poorest people in the region – the Indigenous people – are subsidizing the conditions that enable tourism to thrive here, but they're not benefiting from it, and they're disproportionately impacted from it.” – Julian Hockin-Grant     How can...

Why wilderness is a myth: Tribal Parks Guardians and the language of respect

“Taaquuqḥłiʔin. Let us speak truthfully and act honourably. Let us learn the history of this place and its people, correcting colonial narratives like the myth of wilderness.” – Gisele Martin     For years, the travel industry has portrayed 'wilderness' as...

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