The Destination Management and Marketing Model part 2: Assessment

Destination Marketing Model
William Bakker

25 November 2014

Last week, we introduced the Destination Think model for destination management. It’s a visual representation of our philosophy for modern destination marketing. It’s based on our learnings over the last five years and best practices that we see in the industry. The reception to this new model has been phenomenal, and over the next months we’re going to explain the elements of it in detail.


Part of the introduction is a benchmarking product, called the Destination Assessment. With this benchmarking product, we analyze the current state of how your DMO operates in the context of the model we introduced. Each section of the model has numerous evaluation points. For example: your approach to your target audience, brand, differentiation, advertising, social channels and much more. A second part of the benchmarking evaluates your in-house operations, systems culture and so on. The combination of the two gives you a snapshot of where your organization is, and the areas in which you can and should move forward.

Starting point for multi-year planning

The reason why this assessment is so valuable is that it serves as a great starting point to create a multi-year roadmap for your DMO’s activities, departments and the way you work with industry partners. The assessment includes the range of activities your DMO can engage with, and specifics about each level of where your organization is at.

Fit with strategy

The assessment and benchmarking tool is not a strategy. It’s an assessment of your activities against our philosophy and best practices. It doesn’t tell you your competitive edge, how you will win and grow tourism. Your strategy is your unique focus. The assessment and benchmark provides you with a snapshot of how likely your organization is to succeed, and serves as a starting point to create a multi-year roadmap to move you closer to to success.


A snapshot of our Destination Assessment

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We have created an assessment for destinations based on our model that shows priority areas for your organization’s development. Click here to contact our team and to establish a benchmark for your own destination.


  1. Tanya Leadbetter

    Hi there
    Hope you are fantastic!
    I work for the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation. We are hosting our DestinationQ virtual event on the Friday 11 September 2020. Our audience are the Queensland tourism operators. We are interested in William Bakker as our keynote speaker for our one hour event. The topic would be the future of the tourism industry. We are wanting a big picture thinker. The presentation for the keynote speaker would be for 20 minutes and William could dial in because it is a virtual event. Can you please let me know the cost for William to speak at our event? Thank you so much for your help!
    Enjoy your week!
    Cheers and many thanks

  2. David Archer

    Hi Tanya, thanks for reaching out. I’ve taken this request to our team, and we’ll respond to you by email as soon as possible.

    All the best,


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