“I’m seeing a rise in community groups trying to gather to deal with systematic challenges.” – Trent Yeo, Executive Director at Ziptrek Ecotours


Let’s step into the realm of possibilities and ponder the future of travel: What lies ahead, what is possible, and who holds the key to its realization?

​​In the season finale, we welcome Trent Yeo, the Executive Director at Ziptrek Ecotours, who embodies the role of a dedicated changemaker in the tourism industry. Throughout his career, Trent has passionately educated people about the profound impact of travel on nature, offering vibrant visions of a better future.

As the travel industry increasingly recognizes its privilege and responsibility, Trent has witnessed a positive shift towards sustainability, propelling Queenstown Lakes towards the ambitious goal of carbon zero by 2030. Join us in this episode as we explore the transformative power of travel, discover signs of hope, and become inspired by Trent’s compelling vision for a more beautiful and regenerative future for generations to come.

You’ll learn about:

  • The privilege and responsibility that today’s travel industry and tourism destinations hold.
  • The importance of recognizing and rewarding positive changemakers in the industry.
  • Why the carbon zero by 2030 goal is “one of the greatest platforms we’ve ever had” for turning words into actions in the district.
  • The true value of travel and the signs of hope.
  • Glimpses of a more beautiful and regenerative future for the next generation.


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