Twitter Engage could help DMOs better understand their audiences

David Archer

28 June 2016

A new tool for content creators has entered the arena. On June 21, Twitter launched Twitter Engage, a new iOS app designed to provide “real-time data and insights” that help users better connect with their audiences (despite the fact that most users simply want an edit button). Much like the desktop Twitter Analytics tool, the new app, currently available only in the US, displays basic engagement stats such as retweets, @mentions and views, while also providing insights into audience demographics, influencers and the most relevant current topics.

These features will be welcome news for Twitter users with large followings (from Obama to Bieber) who struggle to manage the flood of notifications and data they receive while on the go. The app will help users better keep track of interactions with loyal fans and other influencers by “surfacing the most important follows and @mentions.”

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have made do with other third-party apps for their data, but this could prove a useful tool for content or meetings/incentives/conferences/events (MICE) teams who need to stay mobile while communicating with visitors. Twitter Engage could help managers prioritize responses and keep track of important interactions during live events, when they may receive a large volume of messages.

Thanks to a simultaneous update to the platform, Twitter users can also now share videos up to 140 seconds in length, an increase from the previous limit of 30 seconds. The recent changes indicate that Twitter wants to keep more content within its platform and encourage more relevant engagement for its power users, making it easier for a DMO’s content creators to manage their accounts in real-time.

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Featured image credit: Eva Rinaldi, Flickr


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