Listen to how locals really feel about the future of tourism in their town.

Meaningful destination management plans are developed in close collaboration with tourism stakeholders and residents. That has certainly been true of Revelstoke 2073, one of our current strategic planning projects.

Over the past six months, community engagement has been at the heart of the planning process in Revelstoke, British Columbia. There have been a number of community engagement initiatives to encourage residents to share their thoughts. Participation has been among the highest we’ve seen so far. For example, in this town of just 8200 residents, around 1100 responded to a survey to tell us what kind of future they want for their town.

Revelstoke 2073 is the ongoing destination management planning process led by Tourism Revelstoke and Destination Think. This project invites residents to contribute to developing a 50-year vision for tourism and creative ways to make it happen.

At Destination Think, we have a long history with destination management organizations in many parts of the world. Through this work, we’ve noticed some common themes within the resident feedback that we’ve gathered across a variety of destinations. People from Revelstoke told us about some of the same challenges that many other places are facing: affordable housing, concern for the environment, and the need to preserve what makes their place special.

What else did Revelstoke residents have to say? In this week’s episode of Think Revelstoke, you’ll get an inside peek at the local perspective of this fast-growing ski town and residents’ hopes for the future. Join hosts Robyn Goldsmith and Rodney Payne as they go over key themes from the resident survey results. Along the way, you’ll hear about:

  1. How locals really feel about the future.
  2. Six important themes to address in long-term tourism planning.
  3. Creative ways residents have been invited to participate in the process.
  4. Revelstoke’s number-one obstacle to a thriving future.


People say, who grew up here, that it’s not the Revelstoke I grew up in. And that’s true, but it’s not entirely a bad thing, either.

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Feature image credit: Rob Buchanan / Tourism Revelstoke


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