These destinations have the world’s most satisfied visitors.

Are your destination’s visitors happy? It’s valuable to know, and to know why. Our colleagues at Tourism Sentiment Index help destination marketers answer that question, and they are excited to share this year’s list of Leading Places: The 100 Most Loved Tourism Destinations Around the World. Check it out and see whether and how your destination ranks within the global top 100. 

The TSI team has assembled the Leading Places list after gathering data from publicly available online conversations throughout 2022. This isn’t a list of editor’s favourites or paid sponsorships. The list is one result of a sentiment analysis study that covers 1.6 billion online conversations and content pieces about 21,330 global destinations. It’s hard to imagine 1.6 billion pieces of data. But what is clear and easy to see, thanks to artificial intelligence and a lot of work by TSI’s data analysts, is that each place in the top 100 has earned a strong tourism reputation according to its Tourism Sentiment Score®. A high score indicates positive online sentiment reflecting how people feel about a tourism destination and its assets. 

Knowing how people feel about your destination’s experiences provides the tools to understand where to prioritize your DMO’s efforts. Places are using TSI to compare with their competitors, validate messaging, and re-energize stakeholders. They are able to celebrate successes and see opportunities for improvement. 

Webinar with Destinations International

Want to have a peek behind the curtain? The Tourism Sentiment Index team will lead an educational webinar about emerging trends and tourism sentiment on Wednesday, February 1. Find out more and register on the DI website.

No spoilers here. Visit the Tourism Sentiment Index website to see this year’s 100 Most Loved Destinations and find out more about sentiment analysis.

Image credit: Leah Kelley / Pexels


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