From the podcast: These tourism destinations are serious about affordable housing

David Archer

8 February 2023

Here’s how the resort communities of Aspen, CO and Whistler, BC provide secure, affordable housing.

A lack of affordable housing has made it more difficult for some places to retain tourism talent. And aside from being a basic human need, finding adequate shelter has also become part of the mission for some destination management organizations (DMOs) as they work to ensure tourism brings a net benefit to their communities.

In the final episode of this season of Think Revelstoke, we hear hopeful solutions and cautionary tales from three tourism and community leaders. Eliza Voss, Vice President of Destination Marketing at the Aspen Chamber Resort Association; and Marla Zucht, General Manager of the Whistler Housing Authority, tell us about their experiences in tourism destinations that have been working to solve housing challenges for decades. In Revelstoke, where housing is the number one issue, city councillor Aaron Orlando joins us to reveal some of the housing-related actions happening locally.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Aspen and Whistler operate housing programs for tourism workers.
  • The role of Aspen’s DMO related to housing.
  • Actions happening in Revelstoke, a resort community that is earlier in its development cycle.
  • What to keep in mind when creating or advocating for a housing program in your community.


“We’ve doubled down on […] resident engagement, because angry residents actually pose a business risk.”– Eliza Voss, VP Destination Marketing at Aspen Chamber Resort Association

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Feature image: Leroy Filon, Pexels


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