It’s a commitment backed by action and the political will to make it happen.


Two regional tourism organizations in Queenstown Lakes, a popular Aotearoa New Zealand destination, have led their community to commit to an audacious goal: reaching carbon zero by 2030. This goal is transformational and remarkable for many reasons. Decarbonization will be at least as disruptive to travel as the internet was. The short timeline demands immediate action. And the decision also reflects the cooperation among the politicians, tourism stakeholders, and the wider community who are working together to make meaningful, rapid changes.

How did this happen, and what opportunities will arise for Queenstown Lakes as it follows its new guiding star? 

In this episode of Think Revelstoke, our hosts speak with tourism leaders Mat Woods, CEO at Destination Queenstown, and Tim Barke, CEO at Lake Wānaka Tourism. Tune in to learn about:

  1. What made the commitment to carbon zero by 2023 possible.
  2. The changes in attitude across the tourism industry following the onset of the pandemic.
  3. Why Māori values and traditions are vital to Aotearoa New Zealand and its climate commitments.  
  4. What innovative climate actions are already happening in Queenstown Lakes.


“When we went back to the community with “we’re going with carbon zero, and carbon zero by 2030 – what do you think?” You could hear the silence in the room. A lot of people got goosebumps.”

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