Top 10 countdown: 2016’s ultimate destination marketing reading list

David Archer

27 December 2016

2016 has been a year of collaboration like no other. Destinations around the world, including many of our readers and contributors, have worked to recognize and address many common challenges together.

Before the ball drops on the New Year, it’s time to acknowledge some of our most popular articles and the issues that generated the most discussion and interest.

Destination marketers, here is your ultimate reading list from 2016:

10. 50 challenges that 50 destination marketers told us they face in 2016

We identified the common challenges facing destination marketers around the world through an extensive series of interviews.

9. Will Google Trips disrupt the visitor centre as we know it?

Google has been steadily building an array of trip planning tools that could change destination marketing and visitor servicing forever.

8. Destination funding models: Can DMOs seek financial stability from their governments?

In this two-part series, senior strategist Aaron Nissen outlines the spectrum of funding models available to destination marketing organizations (DMOs).

This series complements our interviews with Martin Nydegger, Director of Business Development at Switzerland Tourism, and Jos Vranken, Managing Director at NBTC Holland Marketing.

7. Amsterdam’s response to exponential tourism growth and its impact on residents

We interviewed Eduard Pieter Oud, Chief Operating Officer at Amsterdam Marketing, to learn about how the city is managing the challenges brought on by increased visitation.

This was part of an extensive series of interviews with Leading Thinkers from destinations around the world. The deep roster of participants includes:

  • Hugh Riley, Secretary General and CEO, Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • Ólöf Ýrr Atladóttir, Director General of Icelandic Tourist Board and Vice President of the European Tourism Council (ETC)
  • Nanae Singeo, Managing Director at Palau Visitors Authority
  • David Gilbert, President & CEO at Destination Cleveland
  • Steve McRoberts, Group Executive Global Marketing at Tourism and Events Queensland
  • And many more.

6. Destination marketers are collaborators: DMOs must strive for a net benefit from tourism in their communities

Sustainable tourism was a huge topic in 2016. Anna Pollock, founder of Conscious Travel, describes how managing healthy growth should create a benefit for visitors and locals alike.

5. Your content manager is your DMO’s most important hire

Content management is a honed, educated skill that is critical to a DMO’s success. Be careful who you put in front of the microphone.

4. Why destination marketers need to understand place DNA

It’s the essential authenticity test for your marketing. Senior strategist and city marketing expert Frank Cuypers explains the three layers of place branding, with DNA at its core. Read the whole series here.

3. Two critical corporate metrics for any destination

Learn about Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Potential on Investment (POI), two metrics that help destinations gauge their success.

2. 4 outdated destination marketing ideas that need to die

Their time has come. Let’s bust some destination marketing myths.

1. Six things tourism businesses should know about their DMO

Stakeholder management is one of the biggest challenges for DMOs. What would you add to this list?

0. Whitepaper: Leading your destination into the future

How is the role of the DMO shifting and how can you respond? Read this to find out. Destination marketers from five continents collaborated on the industry’s greatest challenges and opportunities at Forum 2016 to bring you the ultimate guide to your destination’s future strategy.

What was your favourite article or tourism topic in 2016? Is there a topic you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments.

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