Your destination’s reputation rises and falls based on the experiences people have and the stories they tell.

But how do you know exactly what people are saying?

Destination marketers often measure public perception through surveys that provide useful but limited data samples. It’s difficult to consistently track your tourism destination’s performance at scale and build a convincing analysis that galvanizes your stakeholders.

At least, it used to be.

We’re proud to present the first Global Tourism Sentiment Index snapshot. This first-of-its-kind destination marketing report contains an analysis of 625,000,000 online conversations across 100 international tourism destinations that include some of our first TSI program partners and their chosen competitors.

“The TSI for our destination provided indisputable data to keep us focused on the job of strengthening tourism in our region. The data validates our strategic direction and clarifies true opportunities for our destination rather than petitions to change from pressure groups. You can’t argue with data that consolidates what a large volume of travellers feel. The TSI demystifies what consumers think, it’s the perfect window into travellers’ minds.”

– Tara Bennett, Executive Officer, Tourism Port Douglas & Daintree

Download the Global Tourism Sentiment Index report, which reveals:

  • Top-performing destinations in terms of volume and overall sentiment,
  • Which tourism assets generate the most positive and negative word of mouth,
  • Proof that your tourism brand can boost sentiment for your entire destination and
  • The top 15 destinations out of 100, ranked by Net Sentiment Volume.

Global Tourism Sentiment Index - Net Sentiment Volume

The report contains never-before-seen data for destination marketers seeking to lead their stakeholders with confidence.

Global Tourism Sentiment IndexAnd it’s only the beginning. The Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI) program is growing, and in 2019, we will release a report that compares the performance of 1,000 destinations. This is becoming the lightning rod for our industry. The data is the limit, and we’ve only just begun.

Get the report to see some of the first results from this exciting initiative for destination marketers, and learn how the analysis that TSI provides can help your organization.

Download the report now.


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