3 white papers to lead your destination into the future

Kelly Cubbon

8 December 2017

Destination marketing is changing quickly. Shifts in technology and consumer behaviour have forced many organizations (DMOs) to adapt or risk irrelevance. Does your destination use the best information and analysis to plan for the future?

This is the place to find it. As an experienced destination marketing agency and consultancy, we have found that many destinations share similar challenges. Our strategists have researched and collaborated with the world’s destination marketing leaders to address these challenges.

Download the three white papers below to inject new ideas into your planning and find out how your international colleagues are pushing the boundaries of destination marketing.

You will learn about the current state of international tourism offices (ITOs) and find out how forward-thinking DMOs are

  • balancing profit and planet,
  • finding new business models and revenue,
  • developing visitor experiences,
  • engaging communities and collaborating with stakeholders,
  • and defining the potential financial impact of social media.
Destination marketing white papers by Destination Think

Download these three destination marketing white papers from the list below.


1) Will international tourism offices stay relevant?: Your roadmap for the future

Today’s destination marketers must either adapt to changes in technology and consumer behaviour, or risk being left behind. This white paper reveals the current state of international tourism offices (ITOs), based on our survey of over 70 offices. Think’s experienced strategists then provide a path forward into a healthy future and an emerging new role for the ITO.

2) Leading your destination into the future: 4 critical trends addressed by destination marketing leaders

What if you could gather the world’s most innovative destination marketers to address the industry’s most pressing challenges? In late 2016, we did exactly that at Destination Think Forum. Read this white paper to build confidence with your planning for 2018 and beyond, using insights gleaned from collaboration with destination marketing leaders from five continents. This white paper is a destination marketing strategy goldmine.

3) Potential on investment (POI) white paper

Are you searching for a reliable way to measure the return on investment (ROI) in social media? Six destination marketing organizations (DMOs) collaborated to create a framework that measures financial value as a result of social media activities. Use the methodology, formula, and tools included in this white paper to benchmark your efforts and improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing over time.

Forward these to your team

We invite you to send this page to your favourite destination marketing leaders. (Or, be sure to pat yourself on the back when you discuss it with your team.) It’s all about teamwork in this industry. Chances are, someone else is facing the same problem that you are. Smart solutions are well within reach.


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