Destinations need a strong, differentiated product that inspires consumers to share stories about their experiences. Tourism New Zealand has truly embraced digital marketing to amplify their visitors’ stories – so much so that 90% of their global marketing spend is digital, and in some markets, 100% digital.

Andrew Fraser, Director of Marketing at Tourism New Zealand spoke about their destination marketing organisation (DMO)’s focus on digital marketing at the 2015 Social Media Tourism Symposium in Australia.

Watch the full presentation below, or read Andrew Fraser’s top tips for smarter digital marketing:

1. Focus – Become really clear on what you are trying to achieve. Find your unique point of difference, integrate this across every facet of your organisation and make sure it works across multiple channels. For Tourism New Zealand, this message is “everything close,” reflecting the fact that the destination offers a lot of experiences in a geographically small area. They looked at how leveraging advocacy, earned and owned content could drive this message.

2. Overcome barriers – As New Zealand is a small country and a long way away for many travellers, they knew that targeting people who were actively considering travel was key. They invested a lot of time into working out who they were speaking to through data research and image analysis. Content was then developed and served specifically to this audience.

3. Identify the return on investment – One issue that all destinations face is the need to guarantee return on investment. Through digital marketing, Fraser and his team are able to follow and measure people’s path to purchase from the consideration phase right through to their time spent in region. Going one step further, exit surveys are designed to gain further insight and improve the experience for future travellers.

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    Your post is so informative. Digital marketing means the modern method of marketing.
    We must audit that is our goal is filling or not. We have to be more conscious about the satisfaction of the customer. Thanks for writing.

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    such a great tips for online digital marketing.

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