Travel Beyond podcast: Everyone’s having a climate epiphany

David Archer

27 April 2023

“[The goal to decarbonize] comes from the values in the community that have shifted significantly, in particular over the last five years.”

– Monique Kelly, Co-Founder of Revology and Wao

Was there a moment when you, your travel organization, or your network had a climate reckoning? What does it take to turn a desire for change into a meaningful impact? To find out, we turn to Queenstown Lakes in Aotearoa New Zealand, where individual commitments are blossoming into new networks of system-wide change that affect travel, community life, leadership, and the environment. 

On the Travel Beyond podcast, we continue to explore the layers of cooperation behind the district’s goal to reach carbon zero by 2030. The Queenstown Lakes collaboration weaves together not only travel businesses and regional tourism organizations (RTOs), but also policymakers, adjacent industries, and community members at the grassroots level. 

In this episode, we speak with Monique Kelly, co-founder of the Wao organization, a leader in the sustainability movement, and local business owner. She clarifies why everyone’s feeling so motivated and how new, climate-friendly systems are emerging.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why 2018 was a critical turning point for the climate movement and the travel industry.
  • How community values in Queenstown Lakes, and globally, are shifting in support of climate-friendly systems and goals like carbon zero by 2030.
  • Why it’s important to embrace the concept of regeneration.
  • About an inclusive structure for collaboration that makes real change possible.

Plus, take inspiration from some of the local initiatives already making a difference in Queenstown Lakes. 


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Show notes

Here are the organizations and resources mentioned in this episode.


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