“Instead of being the promoter of your destination, you need to be the ghostwriter of your destination. The scenario planner. The one who enables and mediates. The one who fills gaps in communication. The one who leads by example. It’s time to manage your destination.”

– Frank Cuypers, Senior Strategist at Destination Think

We wrapped up Virtual Forum today with our third session for DMOs during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Destination Think’s senior strategists Frank Cuypers (Europe) and Sarah Prud’homme (North America) provided insight on destination management and leading the tourism industry in times of crisis. 

Watch the recording below and see the slide deck here.

This was the third of a three-day series of sessions for destination marketers:

  • Session 1: Strategic planning for your destination through the COVID-19 crisis (Watch the presentation.)
  • Session 2: Adjusting your destination’s communications through the COVID-19 crisis (Watch the presentation.)
  • Session 3: Managing your destination and supporting your tourism industry through the COVID-19 crisis

“Recognize that being an industry leader means being a community leader. Destinations are places where people work and live. There is no separation between the public and stakeholders.“ 

– Sarah Prud’homme, Senior Strategist at Destination Think

What can you do next?

Step 1: Join the COVID-19 Network here where Destination Think will provide destination marketers with insights, data, resources and support groups as we journey through this time together. 

Step 2: Gather with your colleagues from destinations across the globe in our COVID-19 Facebook group for DMOs and connect with hundreds of destination marketers and tourism experts for solidarity and resource sharing during this difficult time.

From our team to yours, a sincere thank you for your time, attention, curiosity, and generosity over the course of the week. Rest up and we’ll see you online.


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