Our SoMeT conferences are evolving.

We are excited to announce a new generation, new program and new name for our conferences and events: Destination Think events.

SoMeT ConferenceWhen SoMeT first started, we had a specific focus: social media. But the landscape has changed dramatically. In the six years we’ve put on these conferences globally, we’ve learned a lot.

As the concept of “social business” becomes the norm, SoMeT’s greatest strength has become a limiting factor. The “social media” in our name doesn’t accurately reflect the industry, as conversations now shift to all aspects of destination marketing.

This shift is an evolution. The SoMeT conferences have been transforming into full-fledged destination marketing events. It is time for the next generation of events. These events will address all areas of your organization: from business impacts and organizational strategy, to content marketing, experience design, stakeholder engagement and beyond.

And while the events may have a new name, the same people are still behind them.

Rodney Payne“It’s been truly gratifying to see the evolution of SoMeT,” says Destination Think CEO, Rodney Payne.
“The knowledge sharing among passionate destination marketers has become an essential part in helping our industry move forward as a whole. Our new positioning enables us to bring our world-class and innovative destination marketing knowledge to DMOs and pursue topics that cover all aspects of consumer engagement and the resulting impacts on their organizations.”

Information about the first of our 2016 events will be announced soon. Be sure to set aside budget for next year, if you haven’t already, and sign up now to join to our email list and get the details as they’re announced.

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  1. Rhonda Hutton

    Thank you for the update and I am excited to hear about the change. as suggested we are thinking budget and calendars. Do you have an idea what month your main event will be and where?

    • David

      Hello Rhonda! Thanks so much for you’re interest! While we can’t reveal any of the details right now, we’ll be announcing details on the first of our events in February.

      • Rhonda

        Hi Mikala

        Any word on what month your conference will be held? Where?


        • David

          Hi Rhonda, thanks for your ongoing interest! We’ll be sharing an exciting announcement with these details early here, next week.

  2. Megan

    Hi! Any updates yet? I’m also working on budgeting and want to be sure I can include your new events!


    • David

      Hi Megan! Thanks so much for the enquiry. As you’ve undoubtedly seen, SoMeT has evolved over the last several years, and last December we transitioned our conferences to Destination Think! events. Our team is doing something a bit different in 2016 – instead of running three conferences globally, we’ve developed a flagship event, that will be smaller in size and targeted towards leadership. There are more exciting details about the leadership event that will be announced in early April.

      Also, don’t forget that Destination Think! will be running a full day track at the Simpleview Summit next month in Tucson. The specific date of our track is Wednesday, April 6. See the schedule here: http://www.simpleviewsummit.com/schedule/ (please click on April 6 at the top of the page). Similar to what you have been used to from our events in the past, we’ll have a combination of both strategic and tactical presentations from our staff and leading destinations in the industry.


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